WebServerHacks.com is a blog about hacking your web server so you can save more money on web server costs while being able to handle large amounts of traffic.

Specifically, we will be focusing on optimizing Wordpress blogs but a lot of the stuff here can easily be applied to other types of websites.

This blog is really for webmaster, programmers, and others who want to learn how to handle more traffic with their growing Wordpress blog.  Whether you are trying to handle 5,000 visitors per day or 500,000 visitors per day, information found on this blog could potentially cut your web server hosting costs in half or more.


Max Lee – Max runs 30+ blogs, handling 1 million+ pageviews on various different web servers.  He is not a total expert but he has a lot of experience dealing with loads of traffic including digg, Twitter, and anything that could potentially bring your server down such as DoS attacks.

Max has always been learning new ways to optimize his web servers.  During his trial and error, he has found that Apache is actually the least effective web server for high-trafficked servers.

Currently, Max is playing with Nginx but he is running most of his servers on Lighttpd, which is quite more effective than Apache.